Why Laser Treatment?

Cold Laser treatment is an alternative to traditional therapies. It does not require needles, knives or steroids. Laser treatment has an 70 – 80% success rate in relieving pain. Our therapy effectively treats the pain caused by many conditions in the body including swollen and damaged joints, spinal pain, damaged nerve tissue, autoimmune deficiencies and even some viral infections. Our therapy is non-invasive; it involves no cutting, burning, or ablating of any tissue. All treatment is done on an out-patient basis, which means no hospital stay or recovery time.

Our therapy provides long-lasting and cost-effective relief. The patient has no associated hospital costs or hidden fees. The results in most cases provide relief without the side effects of conventional therapies. Surgery can cause scarring that can lead to increased pain. Steroid therapy has many systemic. effects.

We resolve the pain by targeting the source, not the symptoms. Patients have also received remarkable benefits aside from the pain relief. The laser can help reduce inflammation and promote cellular healing. Diabetic neuropathy can improve significantly, with increased sensation and decreased pain. Initial consultation and first treatment is at no cost. Try an alternative. Visit us soon!

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