The injection of a local anesthetic into the sympathetic nerve tissue of the neck is considered a stellate ganglion block. The purpose of this type of block is to block the nerves that go the arms. It may also help relieve pain from nerves that go to the face.

What it Can Do

In addition to relieving pain, stellate ganglion blocks can improve mobility and reduce swelling, color, and sweating changes in the upper extremities.

The actual injection will only take a few minutes. The needle will go through the skin and deeper tissues and is uncomfortable. We can numb the skin and deeper tissues with a local anesthetic with a tiny needle before inserting the needle with the stellate ganglion block substance. You may also wish to receive enough intravenous sedation that causes you to fall asleep during the injections.

The effects of stellate ganglion blocks last for many hours and the more injections you are given tends to help increase the amount of hours it provides you with relief. A series of injections is often needed to treat the problem that is causing your pain. Each patient is different regarding how well they respond. Some will need two to four injections while others may need as much as ten.

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