A nerve block is when an injection with a nerve-numbing substance is used so pain that is being caused by a specific body region or organ is blocked from giving signals to the brain. There are several different types of nerve blocks, but those that are therapeutic are used to treat painful conditions by injecting a local anesthetic that provides patients with a known duration of relief.

Therapeutic nerve blocks help control acute pain. The part of your body where you are experiencing pain will determine what type of block will be used. For example, pain on the neck and back will need a cervical epidural, thoracic epidural, or lumbar epidural block while those who suffer from pain on the shoulder or upper neck will need a cervical plexus or cervical paravertebral block.

Candidates for Therapeutic Nerve Blocks

We will discuss the pain you are experiencing to determine if your diagnosis means that it can be treated by therapeutic nerve blocks. For example, those suffering from disc herniations or peripheral neuropathy may find pain relief with therapeutic nerve blocks.

Your current state of health and medical history will be taken into consideration to ensure this is an ideal treatment for you. Therapeutic nerve blocks only relieve symptoms temporarily and are not considered to be long-term treatment.

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